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    General centrifugal fan series
    General axial flow fan series:
    Centrifugal fans/draught fans for power stations and industrial boilers
    Dust exhausting centrifugal fans
    Low noise multi-blade centrifugal fans
    Supporting fans used in plastics, chemical and other industries
    Air conditioning fans
    Special featured fans
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    Contact: Mr. Liu
    FLJ series of small centrifugal fan
    SFL Series textile fan
    HL series centrifugal fan
    The FT 240/245 Series textile fan
    FLZ series centrifugal fan
    DCBF type backward curved counter centrifugal fan
    11-62 (A type) multi-airfoil centrifugal fan
    4-68 centrifugal fans
    4-72 and F4-72 centrifugal fans
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